Dizzywood Treehouse

There is a secret treehouse in Dizzywood! It is in the new Wildwood Glen room. It is in the background and if you click on it you get a message that says “You see a treehouse in the distance. If only you had some way to get up into the trees…”

Is there something in Dizzywood that lets you climb trees? I want to get into the tree house!!!!!!



A secret treehouse in Dizzywood
A secret treehouse in Dizzywood

Author: jademonkey4k

If Monkeys ruled the world and hoarded all the jade, everyone would be happier. There would be rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.

13 thoughts on “Dizzywood Treehouse”

  1. ok, first of all, i know how to get in the treehouse. second of all im not telling you. third of all, figure it out. nahhhh im just joking! ok theres roomers bout ladders,ropes, and flying on balloons. don’t worry im on the case!

  2. i know wher it is and i can’t tell you cause i can’t. hehe. ok ill tell you, its in _________ ______!

  3. There is a way… do the mission find the grappling hook and then use it to climb the tree house

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