Election and Halloween Party Coming Soon

Dizzywood Upcoming Events

OK so there’s a lot of cool stuff happening soon on Dizzywood. There is a Dizzywood Election going on. You can register this week and the election is next weekend. You can vote for your favorite candidate for Chief Poobah. The candidates are Cecil Sidshuffle, Melinda Swingtail and Kat de Claw.

There will also be a Halloween Party starting on October 24th. There will be special rare costumes!!!!!!

Author: jademonkey4k

If Monkeys ruled the world and hoarded all the jade, everyone would be happier. There would be rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.

7 thoughts on “Election and Halloween Party Coming Soon”

  1. i wanna get my coustume EARLY!! though i cant. i have to wait with all the other SUCKERS!! im just kidding!!! i cant wait for the party, my friend ugochi is on spineworld and she- i dont think so- is NOT having one i REAPET NOT having one, SUCKER. SHE SAYS SPINEWORLD IS THE BEST when its not. SLOW MO TIME!!!

  2. Haley I will tell more stuff when I hear about it. I voted for Melinda Swingtail for Chief Poobah. I had a hard time deciding

  3. cutie, i don’t think there is a dance at the Halloween party on dizzywood but maybe there will be. I donno.

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