Canal City

I guess Canal City opens today for paid members but us free players need to wait until Monday. 😦 There are tons of people waiting at the gates on the canal city road. It’ really super crowded there!

Crowded near canal city

I read the Dizzywood Guide (click on the Player’s Guide link on Dizzywood home page) and read about two people you will find in Canal City. They are Mayor Winslow Longullet and Mrs. Wilhemina Whiskercheeks. The mayor is the head of Canal City and Mrs. Whiskercheeks runs the cafe. It is called the Gilbert Square Cafe so I guess there will be a place where you can eat in Dizzywood now? Maybe it will be like the pizza shop and coffee shop in Club Penguin. Cool.

Oh and there are still monsters on the road to canal city and you can still zap them and they leave crystals for coins. So if you are waiting to get in you can spend some time zapping monsters.

Author: jademonkey4k

If Monkeys ruled the world and hoarded all the jade, everyone would be happier. There would be rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.

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