Presto’s Picnic

Presto’s Picnic is on right now and it’s really fun. Go to Presto’s Edge and click on the sign to go to Farthing’s Meadow where the main party is going on right now. It’s really crowded and was a little laggy on my comp.

There is a special area for gold and silver explorers only in Farthing’s Pond. there is a sign at the main picnic to go there. Silver and golds get free special clothing at the members-only area. Non-members can see it if they go on a tour but they can’t get the special stuff. 😦

The party is great. Presto knows how to throw a picnic!

Oh you can get a picnic basket and blanket by collecting snails in Breakwater Beach and correctly answering the trivia question there. The answer is the Great Dizz!

Have fun. See u there!

Author: jademonkey4k

If Monkeys ruled the world and hoarded all the jade, everyone would be happier. There would be rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.

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