Walkthrough for Survival Island in Poptropica

Here is the walkthrough for the very first episode of Survival Island in Poptropica.

You’ll begin the initial episode of Survival Island with a brief cinematic featuring your balloon crashing to the wilderness. Your aim for this particular installment would be to amass all the essential substances to begin a fire and remain warm. The episode starts with you hanging helplessly from a tree. Fear not: only click the screen below your avatar and you will drop harmlessly to the bottom.

Walk over to the left and you will find a Survival Handbook on the floor. Pick it up to place it in your backpack — you will want it!

Now proceed to the right and you will view a gnarled tree with open roots above an ice pond. Jump up on the branches to get to the top, where you will find a missing page for the survival handbook.

Keep moving to the right till you discover a rock stack. Upwards above this rock stack also to the left you will find a lifeless branch. Jump onto the lifeless branch to make it fall and split apart into a stack of logs, which you will need for the fire.

Yet again, keep operating to the proper. Instead, you are going to operate all the way to the left, to the border of the place. You’ll find a woodpecker here, and he will fly off to the proper. Keep following him till he reaches the tree with the squirrel inside the hole. The squirrel will protect his ears, totally annoyed by the sound, and depart. This allows you to collect the squirrel’s nest, which you can use as tinder for the fire.

Drop down to the floor and visit the right, entering another map section.

Keep moving to the correct and you will come into a large tree with a hole inside. Pick up the stack of wet kindling under the tree.

There Is another handbook page in the tree correct above you.

Run to the right again and enter the following map section.

You’ll be operating on the the very top of a fallen tree. There Is a hole here that you will drop into so that you are inside the lifeless and hollow tree trunk. There Is a little family of hibernating gnawing animals here. Run a number of steps to the left, and get the mittens that have been put within the tree. How did they get there?

Jump backup outside of the hollow log and continue to your right. There Is a tree here with another page from the handbook in the branches. Pick up the page to include it to your set.

Walk a couple more actions here and you will discover an enormous boulder. You’re going to need to transfer this rock, but you can not push it with just your hands. You’ll need a small leverage-and now we’re off to find some!

Run all the solution to the left, again to the starting area, and then go left once again to enter another region of the map. To get this tote, you must go to the left and jump up to the branches. When you get to the tote, click on it, and an item will fall out of it and land on the floor. Jump down and use your mittens to clear the snow. You’ve located the striker, a device you can use to ignite your fire.

Keep moving to the left and you will soon come into a tree stump with an axe sticking out of it. Put in your mittens (you have to have them on) and click the axe handle. It’s going to come out from the stump and you may place it in your backpack. You’ll make use of the axe handle afterwards to pry the large boulder loose.

Run all the solution to the right until you get back to the large boulder. Equip the axe handle out of your backpack and click the boulder twice. The very first time, it’ll roll a little. Click on it a second-time to push it even farther. It will drop, as well as a piece will chip off. Pick up this piece, which you will use as flint for the fire.

One other thing that takes place when you roll the boulder is that you have created an area on the earth that’s protected from the wind. Based On the survival manual, you need this to correctly create a fire. Now you just have one issue: the only kindling you’ve got is wet. That won’t do! We must find some wood which is dry. Hey, how about looking inside the cave just to the proper?

Once you get inside the cave, you will find there’s a hibernating bear within. In case you wake him, he will pursue you outside. They key is to pay attention to the bat who enters the cave alongside you. When he flies upward, there’s a ledge there (you won’t be able to see it — merely leap!) and you can utilize this to cross within the sleeping bear. Drop down on the other side and you will find some dry kindling. Go straight back over the bear and leave the cave.

Now you’ve got everything you need to build a fire. Follow the hearth building measures that are outlined in your survival handbook.

  • First, make use of the mittens to totally clear a plot of earth beneath the snow.
  • Afterward light the fire together with the striker and tinder.
  • Place the dry kindling in the fire.
  • Finally, place the logs on the fire.

You’ve done it! At this point you have a warm fireplace in a sheltered place and you have completed Episode 1 of Survival Island. Congratulations! Hey, want some help with Monster Carnival Island or Early Poptropica Island? Check out my guides on these two islands!

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