Walkthrough for 24 Carrot Island in Poptropica

24 Carrot Isle Walkthrough

In 2 4 Carrot Isle, you should help a ravaged city solve the mystery of its evaporating carrots. This adventure will take you deep into the secret lair of the wicked Dr. Hare, who has covertly stolen all the carrots for a nefarious plan. This walkthrough shows you the way to make it all the way through the 2 4 Carrot Isle mission in Poptropica.

Entry Carrot and Place Farm

DrHareThe moment you arrive on 24-carrot isle, go left to the Carrot Farm. Visit the right past the couch, when you get inside your house and you’ll get A Clear Bowl. Now go backup the chimney and outside the home. Visit the proper and then head inside the Carrot King Diner. Afterward go back outside and return to the Carrot Farm.

This time, go to the right. You will automatically put the plate of milk on the floor where you selected it up. Visit the right and jump-up onto the second floor and after that run to the left up to where the bathtub is. Now he is your friend for existence and will follow you everywhere. Go back outside your house and head right to the principal entry place.

Now go right past the diner and the theatre and go into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. Walk to the right and speak with the woman standing next to the counter sporting the apron. Tell her you found her cat (his name is Whiskers) and then she will give you a crowbar.

Go back outside and operate to the proper. Follow the sign to the Manufacturing Plant. Keep working to the proper, when you make it happen. Leap up the left facet of the manufacturing plant to the roof and you will locate the Port Pattern. You don’t actually desire it but it can help you browse the ports inside the industrial plant if you get a tiny lost. Leap down the right side of the creating and you’ll see a pipe near some aged barrels floating in the water. Just select the lid of the pipe and you are going to pry it open, since you’ve got the crowbar. Afterward you’ll head indoors.

Getting In To the Factory

Run left through the pipe and pick up the Carrot Transporter. You will not actually desire this either, but it is cool to have. Now jump-up the left side of the pipe and after that right to the straight back over the valves that open-and-shut. Have patience and the trick to get over these will be to stand at the edge. Begin running just as they are shutting and do individually. Some of them are tricky because they open-and-shut fairly rapidly.

Keep going and you’ll see a giant rat. He Is really easy to avoid if you jump-up into the small section of pipe that goes preceding. You’ll be able to go down another side and carry on left. Leap up through the best and you’ll be inside a dark-room inside the manufacturing plant.

Inside the Factory

The Device Room

Run up to the left and stand before the Learn Engine panel. Therefore that it is halfway between down and up move the left lever. The small green light above it’ll illuminate. Move the central lever all the way down and the proper lever to an identical position in-between down and up as you did with the lever on the left. All three green lights will light up and then the grasp engine begins moving and the chief lights in the room will go on.

Head up to the right side of the room and jump on the cartons. Leap as much as the left onto the stage and then onto the best of the three barrels. A huge mechanical arm will come by and when it does, jump-up onto that. It is going to come to some stage on the proper and when it does, jump off onto the stage and enter the open port.

The Port

The port is a bit like a labyrinth where you’re able to only see a bit before you as you-go. It’s fairly simple to get through and if you get stuck you’ll be able to simply ue the port blueprints that you just discovered outside. Head down and to the left and carry on until you see portion of the passageway that’s covered in ice. Go up and during another side and then down that passageway. You’ll quickly come to where there is some of wire-cutters on the ground. Run over them to pick them up. Keep going down and to the proper and you may arrive at still another grate in the port. Click on it to go through.

Security System

You’ll arrive on a stage with an indication that states Security System and where the term empowered is lit up. Really swiftly and jump down onto the flooring a flying security robot then zap you and will discover you. You’ll change white and disappear and after that emerge in a refrigerated room. Over to the proper is a panel labeled Security System. Select that to use the wire-cutters. Now go to the right and jump-up to the best where there exists a grate it is possible to depart to go back into the Port.

Packing Room

Leap up into the port and head-up and to the right. You should fast come to a brand new port grate. Go indoors and you’ll be in still another room of the industrial plant where the carrots are place in crates. You have to jump through a few open chutes where carrot crates come flying through. Stand on the border of each chute and watch for the crates to quit falling before proceeding to the following one. The crates come in teams of distinct amounts. It Is simple to figure out the styles if you’re patient and make it all the way through. Visit the right and jump down onto the industrial plant floor. Afterward go left.

Soon you’ll locate a girl wearing a couple of metal rabbit ears and unusual swirly glasses. Select her and say, “Hey, What’s that behind you?” You’ll see a close up of the best of the rabbit ears. There Is a little power button in the centre. Press that to flip the ears away and the lady will not be under their hypnotic energy. She’s going to get a printout from the giant machine that offers you the program password for the pc which is: fuzzybunny. Now go only a little to the left and jump back up to the port grate where you entered. Click on it to go back into the ports.

Return to the Security Robot Room

OK now you want to head back to the exact same location you’re in before where the protection robot zapped your port pattern is thus used by you if you will need to and reunite to that same entrance and go indoors.

Because you disabled the protection system, the robot won’t bother you. That’s fine, we’re about to look after that. You will land in a brand new factory room. Leap down to the left and you may land on a conveyer belt. Head to the proper and be cautious to avert the giant presses that come crashing down or you may get crushed. There’s also some warm carrot juice that arrives that will burn you if you get strike. Jump on top of the steel girder, once you get past these matters and you are going to see a bunny ears hat. Run over it to select it up. These are drone ears just like all of those other folks in here are sporting. Go ahead and place them on now and then have the Exit.

You’ll arrive back in the room that had the trap door and the protection robot. Now, while you’re wearing the bunny drone ears, go back to the enormous doorway. This time, you’re authorized and it is possible to get indoors.

Dr. Hare

You’ll be standing next to Dr. Hare. He believes you’re one of his drones and tells you to begin the launch sequence for his enormous spaceship. Leap up the space ship. There’ll be a stage on the right with a big computer on it and some guy wearing the drone ears next to it. Click on him and say, “Appear, a huge bunny!” Press the strength button to show them away. Afterward select the computer and input the code word, which is fuzzybunny. It’ll then ask you to enter a command. The command is on a sticky-note using the PC and it’s establish rabbot. Be sure you spell it just like that. It Is rabbot and not hare. Rabbot is the name of the robot space ship.

The robot spaceship will launch and then you will end up capable to control it with the joystick using the PC. Now you want to try to crash the space ship by moving it into the path of the on-coming asteroids. Every time you hit one, Dr. Hare will yell at you. You made it happen! Now follow the man up the rope and out of the manufacturing plant.

You’ll be back in the chief place standing before the gasoline station, but now-24 Carrot Isle is vibrant and brilliant again. Go entirely to the left and speak with the city manager. Sweet! You did it!

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