Poptropica Steamworks Island Walkthrough

Steamworks Island in Poptropica is a fun steampunk-themed island adventure where everyone seems to have disappeared and you have to figure out what happened! Here is the complete walkthrough with help from PoptropicaSecrets.com.

Main Street

Walk to the Clockwork Cantina and complete the gear puzzle. Put the two brownish gears on the ends and the three blue gears go in the middle. Turn the crank when they are all in place. Now pick up the Multitool that just seemed on the earth.

Now walk to the right and you’ll see a garbage bin. Jump up on it to get the Steam Battery.

Walk to the right again and go inside the Museum. Run to the right and you’ll see a huge machine that is yellow. Click on the blue lever to lift the arm. Then jump on the platforms and make your way to the upper-right corner. Watch out for the darker platforms which fall and will crumble when you step on them. Snatch the beaker that is dirty out of the display case. Then depart the museum.

Return to the Clockwork Cantina. Jump up and snap on the blue lever here. A mechanical ramp will extend. Run it up and leap onto the steam chutes to fly over the tower and up. You should land together with a glass dome. Use your multi tool then go down inside and to open it.

You are now inside the Mayor’s office. Check the note and the painting out on the typewriter, which give you an important number to remember for later: 0516. Leave the office, jump back down to the road and run to enter the zone that is next.

Gear Street

Pass by Sully’s shop and proceed to the blue building in the centre. This really is the living quarters. Jump up the platforms on the left side and after that run past the door. You’ll see a robot crab here. Jump up and land to get him bounce and flip over. When he does, he’ll drop Sully’s key. Pick up the robot crab and the key.

Drop down to the road and visit another building on the left. Jump up onto the steam chute and leap up to the roof. You will find a vintage vine here. Pick it up to place it in your backpack.

Run to the right until you get in front of Sully’s Steam Powered Paraphernalia store. There’s a Steam Terminal here. Use the steam battery in your backpack. You’ll get a puzzle here where you need to regulate the steam pressure in the terminal. The beginning pressure is 10 and the finishing pressure needs to be 5. You should adjust the valves to ensure that the pressure will lose five points as it travels to the ending.

Sully’s Store

You’ll locate a robot in the corner that is right once you get inside Sully’s. It is Sprocket! Ring the bell on the desk next to him to wake him up. Then go pick up the rubber mallet from the junk box.

Leave Sully’s and you will be followed by Sprocket. If you click on him you can ask him some questions. He’s not quite talkative but you’ll hear more from him after.

Head to the privilege to return to Main Street. Run all the way and then move onto the next zone, called the Hub.

The Hub

Run along the ramp until you get to a metal hatch that’s glowing red-hot, when you arrive in the Hub. If you try and snap it, you’ll see it is much too hot to touch. Walk up to it and use the robot crab in your backpack. Sprocket the robot then drop the inferior crab on top of the hatch and will take it. The hatch will be cooled down by the water from the robot so that it is possible to open up it.

Go down the hatch. When you get to the bottom of the ladder, Sprocket will appear pretty scared. Make your way down the conduits until you run into a plant monster living inside them. Use the old vine out of your backpack underneath the sign Caution: Hot Steam. This will spray on steam onto the plant beast and kill it. Go along to the bottom left of the room and you’ll locate the bottom of an elevator. Click on the round hatch above.

Now you will need to solve three amounts of a ball tilt maze game that’s a lot like the classic wooden box Labyrinth game. Spin the wheel either clockwise or counter-clockwise with your cursor to get the ball to the centre. The lift will power up, after you complete all three degrees.

Return back up out of the region to the road. Go a few steps to the right and jump up onto the spring. Next to another blue lever, you should land up after three leaps. Click the giant Hub wheel and the lever will start to go.

Go back down onto the road and run to the left. Jump up and grab the vines and climb up to a platform. Wait for the moving platform on the Hub wheel and leap onto it. Then jump off in the upper right corner (purpose for the yellow pipe). Walk to the right and use the steam valve to jump up and to the left. Continue moving until you get to the lift entry to the Captain’s Cabin. Then go inside.

A Sprocket will be caught by some, soon as you enter plant vines. Go down and click on the metal window shutters to snatch the vines and free him. When you do, he’ll speak to you personally for the first time and say, “Thank you.” Now it is possible to speak to him and ask him questions and hear his narrative.

Run to the right and use the moving platforms to get around the big painting. It is a replica of the painting.

Click on the dial at the bottom of the graphic. This is a combination lock. The blend is the amount from the mayor’s office: 0516. Starting with the innermost ring, click on each triangle to get the wheel. Then click it when it is pointing to the correct amount. The bands get faster so this can be tricky.

A secret door will open, when you get the blend right. Go interior and you’ll take Captain Ziggs’ room. Head to the left and pick up the bridge key (on the floor) and the Weed Whacker (upwards on the wall). Leave the room.

Go down and to the right and jump off the patio to return to the Hub zone. Go right until you get at the end to the Steam Terminal. Use the steam battery then solve the puzzle. It is just like the first one, but you need to correct the pressure from 10 to 16 (6). The bridge will lower and you’ll be able to run across, once you’re successful.

Production Zone

Take several steps to the right and hop on the spring to get to the platform above. There is a control panel here with three reddish levers and a green button. Move all the levers after which press on the green button. The giant wrecking ball will drop and hit the ground, creating a hole.


Jump down and go through the hole. Make the right path down and to the right and you’ll enter a mechanical room. First, press on the three red pressure pads on each side. Then you will need to press on the two remaining pads (the ones) at precisely the same time. Sprocket offer while you get the other to hold down one.

The machine will turn on and the stages that are moving above will begin turning. Use this to get up to the top of the room. There is a lever on the wall that is left. Click it to get another platform to go up and down. Then jump up to the right and use the stages and vines to get to some moving conveyer belt. Here you will need to prevent blobs that drop from a plant monster.

Continue across the vines and soon you’ll locate the Mech Steam Motor, one of two components you’ll need to repair the Mech. Continue on the vines and go to the Greenhouse.


Walk to the left for blending Herbicide and you’ll find an area. Pay attention to the chart on the wall. Use the dirty beaker from your back pack then fill it with three components blue, two parts green and four parts reddish. When you’re done, you will have some Herbicide Mixture.

Proceed to the platform and then up to the right above. Use the herbicide on the plant monster. It is going to shrink and vanish, showing a maintenance cabinet. Go inside.

There is an old custodian robot here. He’s holding onto the Living Quarters Access Key. Take it from him and he’ll get up and the alarm system will go off. You can’t leave the way that you came because the security system has a pressure hose that knocks you back. This is where I got stuck this walkthrough. Particular thanks to DR3 from the PoptropicaSecrets.com community who provided the following measure.

Go back from the care closet after which climb the vines above. Proceed to the left and you’ll see the glass dome has some tiny cracks that are white here. Use the rubber mallet from your back pack to smash a hole in the dome and escape.

Now run all the way back to Equipment Alley, which is on the left of Main Street.

Equipment Street Redux

When you arrive, head to the bottom of the living quarters building (blue) and jump on the lever on the gear’s right platform. This will increase the one.

Take several steps to the left, then jump up the stages to arrive at the doorway. Use your steam battery after which solve the steam valve puzzle. This time, you should correct the steam by -3 to get it from 10 to 7. The door will open. Go inside.

Living Quarters

Go click on the blue lever on the left to make the platform rise. Use it to get up to the next level and continue making your way up. Jump on the blue button on the floor to make the ladder rise. You will want to quickly jump up the ladder because it falls back down another or two later. When you arrive at the top left, there’s another door. Go through it.

Zack’s Room

Go as much as the top left corner and select the wall to solve the following puzzle, which is a timed game where you have to get the steam to go safely from one corner to the other. You must click the squares to reveal pipes underneath and then swap the pipes about to create a clear path. You’ll find three levels to get through.

Go outside and cross over the vine that acts as a tightrope all the way to the left, where you’ll locate the Mech Crank which will be the second piece you are required to repair the Mech in Sully’s Garage.

Jump down to the street below and go to Sully’s Garage.

Sully’s Garage

Use both the Steam Motor and the Mech Crank from your back pack on the Mech. It will likely be fixed and you can now walk around in the Mech. Is this the coolest thing in what or Poptropica? You will also get a teleporter device you can use to instantly travel back to the Mech from everywhere you go on Steamworks.

Walking in around to the left and the Mech, head out from the garage. There is a large doorway covered by vines. Attach from your back pack to the Mech after which use the spacebar to smash all the vines. Go through the doorway when it’s not unclear.

Storage Room

Now you’re inside a storage area. Make your path through, using the space bar to smash plant monsters that assault. At one point, you will need to leave power and your Mech up one of the lifts. Then return in the Mech and ride it up to the following platform.

Continue through this zone, killing plant monsters as you go until you be rid of him and get to the final plant giant in the room. Go to the next zone through the doorway.

Wind Zone

Go down the ramp to the left and you will find a giant windmill. Walk all the way up to the blades and Sprocket offer to help.

Depart the Mech and stand on the blades as they spin to ride nearly to the top. Then jump onto the platform above. Use your multi-tool to stop the blades. The door wills open.

Get back in the Mech and go through the doorway.

Hibernation Center

And we eventually learn the secret of what happened to all the inhabitants of Steamworks Island. First, depart the Mech and visit the machine. Use the multitool on it and the room will light up.

Zack will emerge from concealed hibernation chamber and he and Sprocket will be re-united. Sweet!

The mayor will even appear and tell you the story of what happened. Then you’ll see and hear bulges from below. There is still work to be done.

Jump up to the stages on the right and get the Toxic Blaster. Then get back in your Mech and attach it.

Take the lift down to the next zone.

Tunnel System

Go through the room and shoot down the attacking plants by using the spacebar to fire and aiming with the mouse. Kill all the plants.

You need to wind up on the platform just above the floor. If you miss it, you will need spin screw thing to raise yourself up and to stand on the bolt/ it.

There is a going platform here. Wait for it and then ride it across to the doorway and prepare for the final conflict…

Plant Hive

You’re now in the final boss battle. There are three boss monsters and to make things even more demanding, acid starts to fill the room from below. You must start over and lose, if you touch the acid. You just have a brief time to conquer each boss monster.

The essential technique for all three monsters will be to get up enough so that they try and strike at you with their heads. It is kind of like the Hydra from Mythology Island. You can shoot at them, causing a splat, when they do. Each monster has to be splatted three times and it’ll evaporate and you may proceed.

After you conquer the final plant monster, you’ll re appear next to the mayor, who will present the island medallion to you.

Poptropolis Games

The start to the isle is pretty self-explanatory. After the intro sequence that is cool, simply walk to the right and speak with the guy with the microphone. Follow him to the Colosseum to participate in the games. After the opening ceremony, where the archer starts the torch having a flaming arrow, walk around to him again and speak with him to choose your first event. Recorded below are guides to all of the occasions in Poptropolis Games with secrets and all the cheats you need to win!


The goal will be to get the best score using ten arrows. In theory, the highest possible score is 100, meaning you’d get a bullseye on every shot. This could be very challenging unless Katniss Everdeen you or Robin Hood. But the great news is the fact that Archery is one of the easier occasions in Poptropolis Games. Here’s the best way to play. First, pay really close attention to the wind direction and speed. Line your cursor up to the center of the target and then adjust the position to the left or right on the basis of the wind direction along with the speed. The very best action to take would be to require several practice rounds to get a feel for how much you really have to move on the basis of the wind.


In Diving, you’ll jump from the very top of a waterfall while trying to finish diving routines. Each routine is a number of flips in certain ways. To do the flip, simply hold your mouse cursor to the left or the right as you dive down. When you finish all of the flips, click the mouse to complete the dive right. Should you perform perfect dives, you’ll get 10 points for the very first round, 15 points for the 2nd round, and 20 points for the 3rd round. The highest potential total is 45 points.


Hurdles is a straightforward race in which you must time your jumps over hurdles. In case you jump to soon or too late, you’ll hit on the hurdle and slow down. It may be just a little tricky to get over all of the hurdles. The good thing about this event is the fact that no matter what, you’ll put 1st, 2nd or 3rd complete.


In Javelin, your aim will be to throw the spear as much as possible. There are two controls. The very first is the angle of the shot. Click once to place it. You’re training for the place that is green. The power meter will begin promptly once you do. Click when it’s in the green zone. Click too soon and you’ll have a wimpy throw. Click not too early and you’ll foul out. You get three chances to try and get the maximum distance possible. There are not any real cheats or secrets here: just go for the green! The power meter has the greatest impact on your throw. You will wish time and to try it to reach only in the very end. You have angled the shot okay and in the event you do, you’ll be able to get a fairly long throw. Your longest throw of the three attempts will likely be your ultimate score.

Long Jump

The Long Jump is another distance competition in which you get three attempts. To begin, click and hold the mouse button. Release the button right before you get to the end (don’t wait too long or you’ll fall into the mud and get a nasty). You’ll jump into the air, once you release the button. Click again when you’ve reached the best stage of your jump to “extend” it. Your longest jump of the three is going to be your ultimate score.

Pole Vault

Pole vault is another distance event but in how it starts with a difference. You’ll get a countdown and after that you’ll begin running automatically. Click once just as you step into the Launch area, to plant your post. Click a second time to release the post. You’ll sail within the bar and land with good distance, if you time everything right. As your ultimate score is counted by your longest distance of three attempts. Usually, should you get higher than 40 meters, you’ll win the function.

Power Lifting

Power Lifting is one of the occasions of the longer (and challenging). You’ll begin with 100 kg of weight. You need to click on a moving target that arcs back and forth above you. If you click on it and “hit” it’ll turn green and you’ll lift the weight only a little higher. In the event you miss, or wait a long time to click and click, it’ll turn red and you’ll drop the weight a bit lower. You need to get enough green “hits” to lift the weight entirely and move to the following round.

You are given less time by each following round, the weight doubled, along with a faster target. A good trick will be a little patient since getting tons of misses just makes it more difficult to lift the weight all of the way. Good luck!

Shot Put

Shot Put is another angle/power combo event but with trickier managements. First you set your angle with three clicks. You would like to try and get all three. In case you miss with one of the earlier clicks, you’ll be able to correct with the next one for it. Your final angle of throw will be the dotted line. Next comes the power setting. Your goal here is when all three dials are in the green zone to click. The most easy way would be to watch the outer ring, which is moving the slowest. Every other revolution will create a brief moment when all three are lined up in the green. This really is in the exact instant when the outer ring is in the very top. It happens in a split-second, but click! You’ll get a great throw, if you’ve got a good angle and time the electricity just right. You get your longest distance of the three counts and three attempts as your ultimate score.

Triple Jump

The last event is the triple jump. You want to get the time down, although it’s a lot such as the long jump. Click and hold the mouse button to begin. Release. Then quickly click again each time you land for the following two hops. Your time has to be good or you’ll fall involving the platforms and get a foul. Just as with most of the other occasions, it’s your best score of the three attempts that counts.

Octopus Volleyball

Essentially what you do here is move your Poptropican around with all the mouse and bounce the volleyball on your head (ouch!). To score a point you must bounce the ball over the net and it must hit the ground on the other side. Why is it ? Because a massive orange octopus is playing against you. The octopus also can score points the exact same way you score points. One to 6 points win. Oh yeah, practice is tremendously recommended because that octopus is ON FIRE!

Volcano Race

Additionally called Skiing, you need to ski a slope of molten lava down avoiding obstacles in the way. Attempt to ski involving the torches go up stone jumps to soar over challenges and to boost speed. Get to the finish line in the least time possible to win.

Now,as soon as You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Following every one of the events, the official results will be shown. Remember you don’t have to win every event to get the highest complete total. Very few competitors will win multiple events, so provided that you’ve usually put into the top 3 or so each time, you need to win easily. You get the Isle Medallion, in the event you win! Congrats!

How to Beat Red Dragon Island in Poptropica

Red Dragon Island

All people desire to travel anywhere in the world. So it will be amazing if we have our own time machine, you’ll go for a great number of areas anytime you would like, and less fare…seems amazing. Here encounter by means of the magic tree house, certainly you may have Red Dragon Island at the it to travel to Japan and appreciate every part of it.

Getting Started:

When you arrive to the island, run to the right till you see a tire swing following the mansion.
Click the tire swing it says Enter. A white magic sparkle will fly passing the roof Annie and Jack will run to the tree house.
You’ll go to the tree, and will cut the rope to get the tire. Subsequently bring the tire along together with you to the left. Keep pushing on the tire to the left till you locate the eyeglass of Jack to the earth that is near the tree.
Pick up the eyeglasses, subsequently using the tire, hop on it to climb to the hanging ladder.
You’ll meet with Jack and Annie, when you go into the tree house. Get the eyeglasses on your back pack and present it to Jack.
Walk to the left and pick up the big blue book that’s the Frog Creek Pennsylvania. Home Town USA novel.
Next, you’ll talk with Annie and ask her how the tree house works, she will tell you first to get the pink novel on her right that’s the A Journey to Japan that is old. Pick up the publication and use it and say the magic words “I wish we’re able to go there”. Your wish is going to be allowed. Hold tight for you’ll travel to historical Japan.


The Magic tree house functions like a machine that is traveling. It’ll move quickly to the air and be amazed! You are in Japan! Cool ride! You three will appear outside. Annie and Jack wear their kimonos.
Jack will give you a Magic amulet which you may use to return anytime. They’ll leave you now and tells you to locate your kimono; but you’ll going to follow them to the left.
On your way, you’ll meet with two samurai guards, when you click on them they will arrest you for having no passport. They will bring you on prison, and there is no way out. But remember you have your magic amulet, so get it on your back pack and on the magic tree house you are back in split seconds.
Leave the tree house and run to the left again. Go within the Bonsai Trees store which is now open. You’ll meet with a girl whom you are able to speak about kimono. Subsequently she’ll will give a kimono you want to you and go to the cabinet. Just choose what color you have like and wear it to experience wearing Japan national costume. After wearing it, you’ll locate a passport on the pocket; I guess you are not an illegal alien anymore.
Now that you look like a citizen and have the passport, you are able to pass the guards. Visit the left to enter the next location.
When you arrive, you’ll observe for Jack and Annie don’t have passport, that they happen to be detained by the samurai guards. You’ve got to rescue them, so it’s the time showing off some Ninja moves.
After you pass to the bridge, you’ll meet with a man with a hat in front of a seafood shop that is fresh. You’ll speak to him and he’ll let you know that you must caught a kappa using a rotten fish for you yourself to go in.
Walk a bit left, and you’ll start to see the green rotten fish in the stone staircase, go up and pick it up. Then continue to really go upstairs and enter the fortress.
You’ll meet with a soldier wherein you’ll require the ninja master but unfortunately he does not know. And that means you go to the right, when you are underneath the dragon head statue hanging on wall, a sheet of paper will soon be thrown away. That’s a parchment. When you analyze it, you’ll visit a letter from Annie stating that you have to discover the Ninja master to rescue them as they are now captives of the Shogun kept on that place. Go down and leave the place. Afterward go all of the way to the left till you discover the Tote of Mortar. You’ll visit a house if you continue to go left. Go inside.
You’ll meet with an old man whom you’ll ask about the Ninja master, he’ll let you know that Ninja master Basho is merely buying eggs in town.
Leave the place and run back to the right till you see a samurai guard with five people in a line, they want to find the fish burglar. You’ll offer him help. You’ll have an endeavor wherein you will arrange the defendants in an arrangement that is correct. First you’ll switch the position of the 5th lady and the 4th man with moustache. Subsequently change the position of that girl that is 4th to the 1st girl on the front line. Subsequently place the 3rd man on the fourth row, the man with moustache and eyeglasses without you simply solve the case and eyeglasses will weep.
You will be given a betting slip on a sumo match by the samurai guard. Now go the right till you get to the bridge. Use your bag of mortar to help the bridge is fixed by the folks. You just have to place the crumble pieces around the bottom in both walls. It’s just pieces may be set aside to the background, then attempt the other pieces, they may be not incorrect if they glow and then will attach.
A sumo wrestler will run and he can lose something, after repairing the bridge.
Pick it up and go ahead of time, at this point you have your Bonsai scissors. Walk a bit right and go down the bridge.
You go to the left till you visit a fisherman on a boat. Get your rotten fish on your back pack and you’ll have your second endeavor, to catch the kappa.
The kappa fish is catchy which means you have wherever your internet is placed so that he’ll enter the center hole to block all possible passages of it. Plan the bee hive to block the tree hole, light the camp fire as well as the lantern too. Shove the large stone to block additionally the other hole to the right, on the pond set the frog on the lily pads when you began placing your rotten fish bait on the internet. Provide the kappa to the fisherman and return to the Bonsai Tree store towards the right.
You are going to use your bonsai scissors to trim among the bonsai trees; it should fit the picture accurately. The man enters the store will buy that bonsai tree you will give it Yokozuna and cut. Way Out the place and go to the left in the Sumo Stadium (after fish market, continue to go left until you are in the next zone then climb up the stone stairs). Go to upper left and enter the doorway.
Walk to the right and you’ll meet with Yokozuna’s supervisor, you’ll help them copy the Kanji symbols on the cards for his buffs. Once done, you go to right, speak to the sumo competition to take his place because he is already frightened.
The champ will now jump to the ring, prepare for your own fight. Yokozuna will try to push you from the ring, you’ve got to jump over him when he runs towards you and jump when his foot stomps. The champion will get mad and his face will turn reddish, when you prevent all these three times in a row. The champion will charge at you, you will want to jump getting the ring side fall from the ring in case you are near him and you win.
The nearby soldiers who lost their cash will come to you personally and certainly will challenge you and require your passport. Subsequently the old man in the lake house will come that is the true Ninja master, Basho. He ‘ll be followed by you’ll on the lake house then you will have your ninja training.

NINJA Training

To begin with , you’ll have your ninja clothing. Get the customize card on your back pack.
Basho will educate you on the way to make use of the SHUKO, which would be the hand-held claws that enables you bound from walls which are additionally attached on your hands at all times and to cling. After obtaining the red ribbon in the tree following the cherry blossom tree, you’ll move on the following endeavor.
Considering that the shuko are consistently equipped, you are able to place additional tools in the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Additional tools are the throwing smoke bombs and stars; use them to throw in the direction. Another is the bo staff, if you exploit the spacebar while standing you’ll produce a spin that is defensive. But while running, if you utilize it, you will leap in the air. The faster you run, the larger the vault. One more is the grapping hook, use it on any metal bands, simply click the ring to start out swinging, then click to release. Last is the ninja eye/vision which allows a scene to magnify, operates like a telescope (use the spacebar to activate this).
You are final training is going to be repairing the stone wall near Basho’s hut, after mastering the ninja tools.

Rescuing Jack and Annie

Go back to the right until you get to the fort where Jack and Annie being held, now visit the right and start climbing the stone wall using your shuko (claws). Avoid to be hit by the logs jump over them to use them as a step near the top.
You may employ your ninja vision see some enemies and to test the wall, when you’re on top. Go down then apply your smoke bombs to the Shogun soldier you will strike. Climb up the wall.
As you go through the chamber, use your ninja vision to check on the place. You are able to throw your star use the smoke bombs to the grapping hook on metal bands and blind the guards to swing. You must gather the three haiku verse to have the password for the third chamber and need to get the key in each chamber to exit the door. Always apply your ninja vision to be prepared on the Shogun’s soldiers and to check on the precise location of the stuff you must collect.
When you get to the shogun chamber, he’ll turn up to get a fight because he got Jack and Annie’s cage the key, but it is possible to just throw up a star in the rope and release them. The wand will be used by the shogun he gets from Jack and Annie, but only to release the fury of the dragon that is red. The dragon throws fire up; finally the shogun will give you the wand.
You will be brought by the wand to the Cloud dragon that is on top of Mount Fuji, so climb up the mountain and jump onto the blue Cloud dragon.

Final Dragon Battle (Cloud Dragon versus Red Dragon)

You have to fly the Cloud dragon behind the Red dragon that spews fire out to the the city’s buildings. Utilize the water in the Cloud dragon to turn it off. You need to get close to the Red dragon and hit its head with water in case you can to weaken it. In addition, you need to turn the Red dragon entirely reddish before it combusts all to the last building. This really is the hard level because of these two challenges: second is the red dragon dives away from your view which makes it harder to follow and you have to fly in the clouds to refill your water.
Luckily, there’s an easy mode if you’re not able to win in the hard mode which removes the two challenges on the fight, you are able to test.
Basho and Shogun will likely be reunited, who both trained as samurai, once you defeat the dragon. Shogun will likely be sorry for his dreadful acts.
Utilize the magic amulet then utilize the Frog Creek Pennsylvania, and to come back in the tree house. Home Town USA book, to return in the woods where the magic journey began. Only say the magic words, “I wish we’re able to go there”.
Now the three of you’re back on Frog Creek, PA. Annie will give the isle medallion to you.

You did it!! Island mission accomplished!!!!!

How to Do Super Power Island in Poptropica

Here is helpful tips to Poptropica Super-Power Island. It’s my favorite island not including Early Poptropica. If you want the guidebook with screenshots, please see my Poptropica website. Let’s go to Super Power island. When you arrive, go to the correct and go inside the Comic Store. You’ll see a nerdy looking guy on the right-side of the shop dressed like a geek. Speak to him and find out if he has anything other than comic guides. He can give you a book called The Superhero’s Handbook which he wrote. You keep the book in your stock and can read it.

Leave the comic shop and go to the next retailer on the correct, the Masks and Capes shop. Walk to the left and find the guy with the scissors and speak to him. He’ll give you An Excellent Hero idcard which identifies you as a superhero and tracks all the villains that you have conquered. On another side of the store is a row of mannequins that have different costumes on them. Click on them to decide your costume. You’re able to mix and match bits from all the various costumes. It’s a lot of fun!

OK, next go out of the Masks and Capes shop and head to the left. Cross through the water and you’ll arrive on an island with a jailer that’s a huge green meteorite that crashed in to it. Talk to the penitentiary warden. Inquire him about the escaped prisoners and he will give you something called the, Super Villain Files. You’re able to look through these documents to see all the super villains that you have to capture. Then speak with the lady wearing the lab coat and she provides you anti-power handcuffs, which were created to enable you to capture super villains. When you get those things, it really is time to capture some super villains! Go entirely to the right until you get to some sign that states Downtown. Click the sign to go to the next space. It Is a brief one. Walk to the correct and after that click on another indication and you are going to arrive at Main Street. Speak with the police men who are standing outside of the bank and they are going to tell you that Copy Cat, 1 of the super villains who escaped the jail, is inside.

Enter the bank and go left, where Copy-Cat is standing. She’s going to make a lot copies of herself and each among the copies will conceal in a separate place in the bank. She is going to also fall a smoke grenade on the earth and you are going to simply have about one minute until there is a lot of smoke in the bank for you yourself to respire. You will need to get all the copies of her before there is a lot of smoke in the bank. Simply walk over each copy of her to make it go poof and disappear. You’ll need certainly to jump up a little to capture all of the copies. Use the lift on the hard right to get to the upper level.

You’ll be sent back to the jail and you will see her again behind bars. If you take a look at your Super-Hero ID card in your stock, you will see that you have one sticker in your villains get the better of section. Now it’s time to catch some more!

Go back to Main Street and go all of the manner to the right until you are competent to a Metro sign. Click on the measures to drop into the train Station. Keep in touch with the police men in the subway Station and they’ll tell you they need assistance catching Speeding Spike. Go inside the train and walk all of the manner to the correct, where you’ll be able to see Dashing Spike keeping a bag of cash. Catching him is clear-cut. He’ll keep going to the left to different train autos and he will get so exhausted outside that he sits down on the ground if you can keep obtaining him to skip you. When he does that, walk-up to him to placed on the cuffs and send him straight back to jail.

Go straight back all the way to the correct and also this time go past the tube Station stairs to get to the town Park. When you arrive, you’ll see that Sir Rebral is sitting on top of a damaged statue. You discover that he could be commanding stone that fly upward in the earth and follow you until you were strike by them, when you-go near him. You want to place yourself so you could jump to prevent them ( they will still follow you ) and then get your self on another side of Sir Rebral so the stone hit him instead. This will make him mad and then parts of the earth begins turning up. Another step is really to find the light grey rock you could push. Move this rock together with 1 of the areas where the earth turns up so the rock will fly upward into the air and strike Sir Rebral. You’ll return to the jail house where you’ll be able to see him securely in jailer.

Return to the town Park and go in the public washroom. There’s a hole next to 1 of the lavatories. Walk over to the left and you will see a brown wheel. When it stops, go to the correct till you are competent to some platforms. Jump upward those and you will find another wheel. Turn it to make the water rise again partway. Swim to the left until you find another wheel and the water will rise again. Head to the left again and you will find a door which you can enter. Go through the do or and Ratman will be inside. Jump up to the top right corner of the Sewer Space while preventing the rats, and you will see a reddish wheel. Click on it to turn it, and it will spatter water over his flies and the Ratman. Ratman will be knocked out and the flies which might be humming around him will begin following you. So you would like to try to get to Ratman extremely swiftly if they touch you, you may get bit. Click on him to handcuff him and send him straight back to jail.

Head straight back to City Park and go all of the manner to the correct. You often see a hint for the Junkyard. Follow that indication to go inside. When you arrive, you will see Crusher sitting together with a heap of junk. Keep in touch with the authorities there and they are going to tell you they’re unable to capture him. Great thing you are a mega Hero here to save the day again. You are going to steal to creep past him twice, to conquer Crusher. Head entirely to the correct and getup together with the oil barrels then run right past him and jump onto the stage where he is standing. You’ll get to a crane. Jump up the crane till you are competent to the taxi towards the top and click it. Then drag the magnet manage lever. The crane will to produce hefty fridge that could fall on Crusher. But he throws it at you, knocking you back down and lifts it off. And now he is’s extremely nutty. You Have got to steal past Crusher another time, but now he is hurling empty oil barrels at you and they are going to knock you down if you get strike. Strive and get back to the crane another time without getting hit by the oil barrels as you-go. Crusher will be picked up by the magnet and crush him flat! Then you’re able to safely go down to where he’s and put the handcuffs back on him. Crusher is returning to prison!

Go straight back to the main place and review to the phone booth, that may be ringing. Answer it and you’ll be given a brand new superpower. Now you’ve the skill to fly! Click the flght icon in the lower-left corner to fly upwards into the air.

Head to the Downtown area and fly-up to the very top of the Skyscraper after which go up. You’ll see Betty Jetty sitting together with an antenna. She is going to taunt you and fly-away. She’s going to throw green power balls at you. Whenever you dodge them, you will get only a little closer to her and ultimately you will be close enough to capture her. It is possible to only prevent the green power balls she throws by going off display every time they come near you.

After you catch her, she is going to taunt you again, and Ned will be and knock her over. Now it is possible to place the handcuffs on her behalf and she’s caught and put-back in jail.

When you talk to the warden, he’ll say he gave the island medallion to Ned Noodlehead for getting Betty Jetty. You can convince Ned to give it to you by first going to the hot-dog seller in City Park. Speak with the seller and he’ll give you a hot-dog. Then return back to the comic book book store and speak to Ned Noodlehead. He can offer to trade you the medallion for a hot-dog. Do the commerce and you’ll finish this mission. Congratulations!

Walkthrough for 24 Carrot Island in Poptropica

24 Carrot Isle Walkthrough

In 2 4 Carrot Isle, you should help a ravaged city solve the mystery of its evaporating carrots. This adventure will take you deep into the secret lair of the wicked Dr. Hare, who has covertly stolen all the carrots for a nefarious plan. This walkthrough shows you the way to make it all the way through the 2 4 Carrot Isle mission in Poptropica.

Entry Carrot and Place Farm

DrHareThe moment you arrive on 24-carrot isle, go left to the Carrot Farm. Visit the right past the couch, when you get inside your house and you’ll get A Clear Bowl. Now go backup the chimney and outside the home. Visit the proper and then head inside the Carrot King Diner. Afterward go back outside and return to the Carrot Farm.

This time, go to the right. You will automatically put the plate of milk on the floor where you selected it up. Visit the right and jump-up onto the second floor and after that run to the left up to where the bathtub is. Now he is your friend for existence and will follow you everywhere. Go back outside your house and head right to the principal entry place.

Now go right past the diner and the theatre and go into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. Walk to the right and speak with the woman standing next to the counter sporting the apron. Tell her you found her cat (his name is Whiskers) and then she will give you a crowbar.

Go back outside and operate to the proper. Follow the sign to the Manufacturing Plant. Keep working to the proper, when you make it happen. Leap up the left facet of the manufacturing plant to the roof and you will locate the Port Pattern. You don’t actually desire it but it can help you browse the ports inside the industrial plant if you get a tiny lost. Leap down the right side of the creating and you’ll see a pipe near some aged barrels floating in the water. Just select the lid of the pipe and you are going to pry it open, since you’ve got the crowbar. Afterward you’ll head indoors.

Getting In To the Factory

Run left through the pipe and pick up the Carrot Transporter. You will not actually desire this either, but it is cool to have. Now jump-up the left side of the pipe and after that right to the straight back over the valves that open-and-shut. Have patience and the trick to get over these will be to stand at the edge. Begin running just as they are shutting and do individually. Some of them are tricky because they open-and-shut fairly rapidly.

Keep going and you’ll see a giant rat. He Is really easy to avoid if you jump-up into the small section of pipe that goes preceding. You’ll be able to go down another side and carry on left. Leap up through the best and you’ll be inside a dark-room inside the manufacturing plant.

Inside the Factory

The Device Room

Run up to the left and stand before the Learn Engine panel. Therefore that it is halfway between down and up move the left lever. The small green light above it’ll illuminate. Move the central lever all the way down and the proper lever to an identical position in-between down and up as you did with the lever on the left. All three green lights will light up and then the grasp engine begins moving and the chief lights in the room will go on.

Head up to the right side of the room and jump on the cartons. Leap as much as the left onto the stage and then onto the best of the three barrels. A huge mechanical arm will come by and when it does, jump-up onto that. It is going to come to some stage on the proper and when it does, jump off onto the stage and enter the open port.

The Port

The port is a bit like a labyrinth where you’re able to only see a bit before you as you-go. It’s fairly simple to get through and if you get stuck you’ll be able to simply ue the port blueprints that you just discovered outside. Head down and to the left and carry on until you see portion of the passageway that’s covered in ice. Go up and during another side and then down that passageway. You’ll quickly come to where there is some of wire-cutters on the ground. Run over them to pick them up. Keep going down and to the proper and you may arrive at still another grate in the port. Click on it to go through.

Security System

You’ll arrive on a stage with an indication that states Security System and where the term empowered is lit up. Really swiftly and jump down onto the flooring a flying security robot then zap you and will discover you. You’ll change white and disappear and after that emerge in a refrigerated room. Over to the proper is a panel labeled Security System. Select that to use the wire-cutters. Now go to the right and jump-up to the best where there exists a grate it is possible to depart to go back into the Port.

Packing Room

Leap up into the port and head-up and to the right. You should fast come to a brand new port grate. Go indoors and you’ll be in still another room of the industrial plant where the carrots are place in crates. You have to jump through a few open chutes where carrot crates come flying through. Stand on the border of each chute and watch for the crates to quit falling before proceeding to the following one. The crates come in teams of distinct amounts. It Is simple to figure out the styles if you’re patient and make it all the way through. Visit the right and jump down onto the industrial plant floor. Afterward go left.

Soon you’ll locate a girl wearing a couple of metal rabbit ears and unusual swirly glasses. Select her and say, “Hey, What’s that behind you?” You’ll see a close up of the best of the rabbit ears. There Is a little power button in the centre. Press that to flip the ears away and the lady will not be under their hypnotic energy. She’s going to get a printout from the giant machine that offers you the program password for the pc which is: fuzzybunny. Now go only a little to the left and jump back up to the port grate where you entered. Click on it to go back into the ports.

Return to the Security Robot Room

OK now you want to head back to the exact same location you’re in before where the protection robot zapped your port pattern is thus used by you if you will need to and reunite to that same entrance and go indoors.

Because you disabled the protection system, the robot won’t bother you. That’s fine, we’re about to look after that. You will land in a brand new factory room. Leap down to the left and you may land on a conveyer belt. Head to the proper and be cautious to avert the giant presses that come crashing down or you may get crushed. There’s also some warm carrot juice that arrives that will burn you if you get strike. Jump on top of the steel girder, once you get past these matters and you are going to see a bunny ears hat. Run over it to select it up. These are drone ears just like all of those other folks in here are sporting. Go ahead and place them on now and then have the Exit.

You’ll arrive back in the room that had the trap door and the protection robot. Now, while you’re wearing the bunny drone ears, go back to the enormous doorway. This time, you’re authorized and it is possible to get indoors.

Dr. Hare

You’ll be standing next to Dr. Hare. He believes you’re one of his drones and tells you to begin the launch sequence for his enormous spaceship. Leap up the space ship. There’ll be a stage on the right with a big computer on it and some guy wearing the drone ears next to it. Click on him and say, “Appear, a huge bunny!” Press the strength button to show them away. Afterward select the computer and input the code word, which is fuzzybunny. It’ll then ask you to enter a command. The command is on a sticky-note using the PC and it’s establish rabbot. Be sure you spell it just like that. It Is rabbot and not hare. Rabbot is the name of the robot space ship.

The robot spaceship will launch and then you will end up capable to control it with the joystick using the PC. Now you want to try to crash the space ship by moving it into the path of the on-coming asteroids. Every time you hit one, Dr. Hare will yell at you. You made it happen! Now follow the man up the rope and out of the manufacturing plant.

You’ll be back in the chief place standing before the gasoline station, but now-24 Carrot Isle is vibrant and brilliant again. Go entirely to the left and speak with the city manager. Sweet! You did it!

A Walkthrough for Monster Carnival Island

Here’s a new walkthrough for Monster Carnival Island in Poptropica. It’s not as short or easy to solve as one of the simpler islands like Early Poptropica, but it’s way more fun! Read on for the complete guide to Monster Carnival!

Fixing the Carnival

When you arrive in Monster Carnival Island, you’ll be on Main Street. Run to the until you see a boy standing near a sign for the Carnival. His name is Edgar, and he’s a proud carnie trainee. He’ll inform you that people are looking forward to the carnival to begin, but that matters are not ready.

First talk to the man standing facing the Duck Sport. He’ll tell you that he has no water for the game and desires a hose. Next discussion to the girl facing the meals stand. She will tell you that she is from sugar and desires your help making some. She will present you with a recipe and request that you find a chemistry set to make more.

Stranded without a Radiator Hose! The useful mechanic won’t let you go without a radiator hose! Next, return to Main Street and run all the approach to the left until you get to Honest Gabe’s Automobile Repair Shop. Go within the building. The mechanic inside will run up to you as well as ask if you are having vehicle trouble. Tell her you have got problems along with your radiator hose and she’ll offer to let you have 1. It Is up to the top shelf to the proper. Jump up to regain it and then-head back outside to Main Street.

The Apothecary

Now go next door to the Apothecary. Once inside, walk to the correct and talk with all the white bearded man behind the counter. He’ll ask you for aid filling out a buy and he will provide you with a method for Salt, also known as Table Salt (NaCl). When you have that, jump-up the stairs to the left and you’ll find a machine under the indication that reads, Bio-Chemistry and You. Snapping on this sign will reveal several formulas you can create. But to make this first one, only click on the blue and yellow bottles on the top shelf to the left. These are Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide, which you’ll mix in the machine. When you have both, click on the machine (the ChemoBUSTER 2000) to start it. Bubbles are created by this device at the point at which you click to shove and split apart the different chemical compounds. Bust them all up by clicking on or near them, and shove them together by snapping to produce bubbles to move them in certain directions. It’s really simpler than it sounds! Once you have created all the crucial products, the machine will automatically shut, and you’ll get Salt in your backpack.

Run back to the white bearded man and he will consider the Salt and thanks. Subsequently click on him again and you’ll ask him if it is possible to utilize the machine again to make some thing for the carnival. He’ll say yes, and provide you with a mysterious warning concerning the carnival and also the dim destinations they have went through. Seems ominous! But for the time being, just head back around the device to create the Sugar the food stand girl desires for her Fried Dough. Click in the blue and purple bottles on the ledges to the right of the machine and replicate the method to create the goods you require (Sucrose). Once you are completed, you’ll get Sugar in your backpack.

Getting the Carnival Ready

Now depart the Apothecary shop and run back to the carnival. Stand to the right of the man facing the Duck Sport and apply the hose in your backpack to fill his duck pool with water. Intriguing note: this seems to be a reference to an installment in Seinfeld called The Fix-Up where George Costanza learns his girl friend is pregnant and that he’s the father. Kind of an odd reference, Poptropica!

Now discuss to the girl facing the meals stand. She Will take the sugar from your backpack, thanks, and give you some fried dough. At this point, Edgar will come working over, really excited concerning the fried dough. The girl will shout at him to get back to work.

Monster Carnival Island – Lever on Earth Oh look! Someone conveniently left a lever lying in the earth in the woods. OK, there’s an additional ride to fix ahead of the carnival can begin. Run to the correct, following the hint to the Carnival Rides. Here you’ll find a ferris wheel spinning unmanageable. Discuss to the man standing in front of it and he will inform you that a damaged lever is keeping him from repairing the wheel. Run to the correct, passing all the other rides, and go to the next region. Here you’ll see spun metal along with a creepy Poptropica face statue lying in the overgrown weeds. Right beneath it in the earth, there’s a lever (how handy!) Run over it to select it up. Now head back to the man facing the ferris wheel and apply the lever in your backpack. This will fix the ferris wheel, bringing it to a safe stop.

Now return to the left and as soon as you arrive in the principal carnival region, Edgar will run up to you again. He allows you understand that now they’re able to open up the carnival. The screen will transition to a cartoon of the ferris wheel turning as well as the sunlight setting, letting us understand that time has passed…

Something’s Perhaps Not Quite Correct at the Carnival

The Carnival has started! Discuss to each one of the carnies and you’ll realize the carnival games are up and running. But something’s amiss — no one can win any of the matches. Does Not that constantly occur at carnivals? First, stop from the Pop the Balloon game after talking to Edgar, who promises he has no notion why the balloons are not and grab the Blunted Dart popping Subsequently jump up on the surface of the balloon game to get to the level above you as well as run to the left, passing the Mirror Maze. You Will find the weight guessing game, that offers a bouncy ball as a prize.

Click on the man with eyeglasses (he’s the weight guesser) and he will accurately guess your weight, prompting you to figure out you require a way (weigh?) to trick him.

Now depart the carnival and run back to Main Street. Go inside Honest Gabe’s Autorepair and you’ll find a machine in the left that’s utilized to sharpen steel. Open your backpack and Apply the Blunted Dart. The machine will whirr as well as the dart can be a Sharpened Dart. That will definitely come in handy for the Pop the Balloon game!

Leave the Car Mechanic Shop and go inside the Apothecary. The propreitor will discuss to you and say that you are welcome to whatever you will find in the shop. Right in front of him, you’ll see a red dolly with a stack of cartons about it. Click the cartons and then click on the sheet that appears inside the carton. You Will note that it has a complimentary bottle of Osmium, among the heaviest elements. The Vial of Osmium will get into your backpack.

Next, depart the shop and head back to the Carnival. Play the Pop the Balloon game and Edgar will provide you with a Memento Cup as a prize. Because you are transporting a bottle of Osmium, the man will not be in a position to correctly guess your weight and will provide you with a Super Bouncy Ball as a prize.

Now run to the proper to the carnival rides region and go past the Ferris Wheel. You Will find a girl facing a Check Your Strength game. She Will challenge you, inquiring if you have got something in those skinny arms. You Will consider a swing with all the hammer, but simply be able to get the weight as high as “Infant.” Not really strong! Utilize the Bouncy Ball in your backpack to place it beneath the machine. Discuss to the girl again and give another swing. Now, you’ll hit “Super Hero” and the girl will provide you with the hammer as a prize.

OK, now run back to the left and speak to the Ferris Wheel man. He’ll tell you that there’s still an issue with all the Ferris Wheel and that two children are stuck up at the top. Run back to the principal carnival region and discover the girl facing the meals stand. Utilize the Memento Cup in your backpack and request her for some fry oil. Subsequently come back to the Ferris Wheel and make use of the Cup of Oil to grease the gears. The Ferris Wheel will start turning again and also the youngsters will be saved.

Follow them to the correct and talk together with the man standing away from the Tunnel of Love entrance. He’ll present you with a flashlight and request that you find a mask inside the haunted lab. Run to the proper, past the Evaluation Your Strength game, and enter the Haunted Laboratory. Equip the flashlight so you can easily see.

Discuss to the man outside again and he will tell you to sneak up on the youngsters and surprise them. Walk to the correct and you’ll find both children sitting in among the swan boats. Leave the Tunnel of Love.


When you exit the Tunnel of Love, you will see some of the townspeople outside and they will tell you that all the carnies disappeared away to the woods. Run to the right to go to the woods and soon you will get to a spot having a tree stump and a little cavern. Search for dropped items like popcorn on the floor where you see those items and exit the place. Duplicate this a couple times after which you will wind up in a shadowy and spooky area of the woods where you will see all of the carnies standing around a body in a purple hooded robe. He can inform them serve him and to become their true selves.

Night will fall and the moon will rise. Edgar suggest you discover Ringmaster Raven for assistance and will run up to you, when you return to the carnival grounds.

You Will must jump on the monsters which are blocking your path.

Go inside the ringmaster’s tent and he’ll tell you that there’s a chemical formulation which he can utilize to reverse the transformation.

Run around to the ferris wheel and use the hammer in your backpack. Press the space key to smash it at the earth. This will definitely block the ferris wheel as well as the creature inside will fall to the earth, dropping a secret message. It’s a ticket for the duck sport together with the word “GORY” on it. It’s short for green-orange-red-yellow, that is the arrangement you will must pick up the ducks in the sport. But first, you will need black light bulb, and Edgar tells you that you can locate one in the Haunted Lab.

Run to the leading, near where you found the Human Fly Mask and you will find a carton of black lights on top of a bookshelf. Bound around catch one and then exit the Laboratory.

Run all the approach to the duck sport, avoiding the monsters as you go. When you arrive, open your backpack and use the black-light bulb. Click on the duck sport to perform it and you will see that all the ducks have turned distinct colors. Pick them up in GORY arrangement (green, orange, red, then yellow) to disclose a Mystery Formula that will appear in your backpack.

Now return to Main Street. Unfortunately, the do or to the Apothecary is locked and you should discover a way to get inside. Go into Fair Gabe’s Auto Repair and click on the green button to lower the lift on the proper. Click on the vent cover to remove it and go inside. Run to the left and you will be inside the Apothecary shop. The stack of papers is blocking the way, but you can click each newspaper to move it. The newspaper headlines tell the tale of Chicken Boy (in inverse sequence). You Will learn that he was a carnival orphan who was attributed for starting a fireplace and run out of town.

After the stack of papers is cleared, you may get in the shop. Go around to the chemical device and roll up the residual substance bottles to the ledge to the correct. Then make use of the device to make another compound.

Leave the shop through the front entrance and run back to the Carnival. Edgar is waiting beyond the ringmaster’s tent. Go inside.

You’ll discover that you have been double crossed. Edgar continues to be hypnotized just like he and the other carnies and the ringmaster catch you and consider the formulation. The ringmaster needs to make use of the formula, Sodium Thiopental, to hypnotize everyone in the town! It seems that Ringmaster Raven is actually Bird Boy! He runs off, leaving you alone with Edgar.

Use the Fried Dough in your backpack and it will trigger Edgar’s recollection. He’ll snap from his hynotic state and free you. You Will then run outside and check out the Mirror Maze. Ringmaster Raven will be here and he’ll conceal behind one of the mirrors. Watch carefully to see which one he hides behind. Ringmaster Raven will be again and then run to a different area to hide again.

Eventually, he’ll stop hiding and you may hypnotize him, creating him your slave. To make sure he never damages anyone again, you will convince him that he is really a chicken.

The carnival is packed up and prepared to depart, the very next day. Speak with Edgar and he’ll supply you with the island medallion. The carnival, now featuring its new Amazing Chicken Man attraction, rolls from town.

Hey, you did it! Big-time congratulations for completing Monster Carnival Island!

Astro Knights Island Walkthrough

Astro Knights Island is a very difficult island to complete in Poptropica. It’s one of the original islands and has been around for a while. It’s a lot harder than Early Poptropica. Here’s how to beat it!

You have to complete first the three mystical weapons in the three knights to the outer space using your own personal rocket ship, although that is all about a mission to save the princess of the Kingdom Arturus.

Getting Started

  • When you arrive to the isle, you will be in Arturus. You will see first the House of Mordred on your own right which is now a museum.
  • Next to the home is the fountain having a spaceship statue which you should look at.
  • A gold coin is to the correct side foot of the statue. Just do it and pick it up and proceed to House of Mordred.
  • There is a guy standing alongside the doorway when you enter the home, to use your gold coin for admission and you are only free to check around, and you need he’ll supply you with the museum pamphlet.
  • When you click on the books to the seat, he’ll tell you that you are not allowed to touch them but gives you a Library novel faux pas (the underline letters are Mcm).
  • Go all of the approach to the Fortress of Arturus to the best and next, leave the area, you can view a spaceship disc smoking on its left side. Walk to the right and visit the castle entrance.
  • When you are inside, walk somewhat to the right side and enter the very first doorway you will see, just after the knight armor display.
  • You will be inside the castle library, go upstairs and get the book that is green to the last book ledge that’s the Mystical Weapons.
  • Go downstairs and get the novel The Life -A Cautionary Tale with feather and candle and ink.
  • Go to the bookshelf on your own right, click in the brick labeled McM, along with a secret passage will open.
  • Go downstairs and you will be on an underground room. Go to the right to pick up the moldy cheese on a plate.
  • Next walk somewhat further to right to click to the handle hanging on wall beside on a barrel. This can open a tiny arch door within the robot’s jail.
  • Leave this room and leave the library at the same time because the librarian is mad at you.
  • Next visit the left and enter the other door that is wooden. You will meet with a woman using its mechanical mouse. Place to the floor, along with the mouse will do it. Now you can catch this mouse that is mechanical.
  • Proceed to the chest close to the bed, you will find a letter at the top of it. It’s a secret message which says “We must change our password! I believe my parents will discover what we are doing and put a stop to it!”
  • Leave the room, then visit the upstairs that is left, and enter the wooden door at the very best. You will meet with queen and the king in this room that are very worried of their daughter who has been kidnapped.
  • The queen will hand within the coordinates of the three knights who left in search, when you ask her if she can think of anything else that might help you. The coordinates are X-83 Y-20, X-15 Y-15 and X-73 Y-83.
    After the coordinates were taken by you, run all of the method till you reach Ye Olde Rumour Mille and leave the fortress.
  • At your coming you will meet with a man along with a woman on a hooded jacket, looks like Robin Hood. He’ll give you a Bag.
  • Next continue to go up the hill to the Ye Olde Rumour Mille building. Go to the left and go upward, when the equipment are reached in by you, jump to the middle platform.
  • Slide down and then cling to the rope, you will fall on a platform and will meet a black haired girl.
  • You will trade your secret message for the cosmic symbols that will be the password to get a member of the secret order. Jump down and go outside.
  • To the top of the factory there’s a hatch with a glass cover. You should jump around the windmill blades to make it whirl and keep to jump in the opposite blades until it spins enough to open the hatch on top. Go up and in the hatch door.
  • Take advantage of your Bag to the broken flying craft you will see inside, it will fly up in the air and will land in the mud in the correct side of the factory.
  • Go out as well as go all the way down to the right side. You will start to see the disc that is flying but you will need to get something before it’ll work. So go around the giant wheel above the flying craft on the coil and leave the area temporarily.
    Head your back to the left to the fortress. Then jump to the left windowsills close to the front door, where you can visit an enormous bow and arrow then jump on top.
  • Take advantage of your coil of rope, this will attached to the weapon and also you have to fire 45 degree angle. If you shoot accurately, the arrow will hit at the doorway on a tower.
  • Walk upon the rope and enter the doorway.
  • Move to the left, and get the brown paper in the chest that is open. That is the Princess ‘note. Only examine the content to be read and know by it.
  • You have visit the left and return to the fountain where you have got the golden coin and to depart the area now.
  • Click in the tablet, when you get to the fountain. Use the cosmic symbols on your own back pack, starting in the moon, planet with ring along with the star.
  • Then click in the Sun at the center, a secret passage will open for you to enter.
  • Scale the rope down; you will meet with several people wearing purple robes. You only need to talk to the last boy in line with two teeth and pimples. The last boy in line will give you a key that is little. Go out as well as exit this area, after it was received by you.
  • Next, go back to the House of Mordred.
  • Walk to the left and go up, then walk to the right towards the bed of Mordred. From Mordred’s diary, pick up the Missing page underneath his bed.
  • Go ahead and examine its content and remember the other coordinates written 56 and 52 .
  • Leave the museum and run back to the best.
  • After the man who gave the bag of manure previously to you, you may see two bundles of hay.
  • Push them to the right and jump over them and stand in the center. To make them carve, push on the other one. Use your small key.
  • Go down and walk to the owl that is mechanical. It is going to fly outside and you should follow it.
  • Now release the mechanical mouse on your own back pack along with the owl and will chomp it will go for this.
  • The owl will follow you about and will be your friend now.
  • Again, go down the secret passage to the floor. Walk to the left and get the seat was found on by Mordred’s Journal.
  • Continue to go until the wall failed left, push it. Walk to the left and enter the little arch hole in the conclusion. This can lead you inside the jail where you saw the robot before.
  • The robot will burst along with the fuel rod that is green will fly outside the jail. For this reason, you must click on your own owl buddy then click the pole to pick up it for you. And click the owl again and click yourself, so that it will give you the fuel rod.
  • Exit the jail and leave the underground area.
  • Return to go back to the flying craft you left in the mud and the windmill. Bound onto it and fly to the right till you find a spacecraft which can be the Excalibur.
  • Click on a control panel along with the spacecraft will reveal on screen. Replace the broken pole with your fuel rod, just drag it.
  • Next you have to enter the last two coordinates you discovered around the missing page of Mordred’s journal which is the destination for the Pewter Moon: 56 & 52.
  • Just spin the dials until you get the correct coordinates that look like eyeballs.
  • Then click in the red launch button and you will fly out to the space.

Pewter Moon

  • The fuel rod is going to be depleted and you’re going to land on Pewter Moon.
  • Run to the right and jump to the moving platform at the center of the Astrozone.
  • Go within the building; it is possible to visit a green alien in the window of it.
  • You’ll get the green alien to get off this planet and communicate with him and a new one to the Holopad and you can develop he’ll tell you to depart from your boat for rubbish.
  • Go outside and go to the left. Select the Holopad machine, having a hint of Build your own personal rocket here.
  • You are able to design your own personal rocket, and make your choice for shield and the speed.
  • Click done button when you are finished.
  • The rocket ship that is new is to the launch pad on your own left waiting for your biggest quest.

How to make use of the Rocket?

  • To take off in space, just click Launching. To fly the spacecraft, move your cursor around and browse the coordinates in the bottom left that represent each planet that you will have to visit.
  • You’ll be able to employ your weapon by simply clicking on the direction you aim for space creatures and all those other ships that can attack you.

Jungle Planet (coordinates X15, Y 15)
Other Space Enemies: Alien ships

  • Go outside your rocket ship, when you arrive on this particular planet. Go down to the left and head to the platform under a limelight with a green weapon. Proceed and pick up your Laser Lance.
  • Next, jump on the blossoms with springtime on your own left; they’ll propel you onto other blooms until you reach your rocket ship.
  • Then with tools, possess the proper timing to jump on each, there are swinging platforms on your own right. Be cautious on the green caterpillars as they may enable you to get zapped.
  • Jump on the stage in the finish and continue to go right.
  • You’ll meet Sir Cador, a knight in green armor. He can tell you that there’s something or someone held on the cage, which might be the princess.
  • Jump on the rope, there are giant eggs with spring chickens that are giant that opens and close. You should possess the correct time also to jump on them. Jump on the very first egg when it’s close after they open, and jump quickly to the next one.
    In the end you’ll find the Pegasus, a flying unicorn. Subsequently Sir Cador will make warning that Mother Phoenix is approaching.
  • Battle Mother Phoenix- using your unicorn you’ll fly up in the air as well as the laser lance will probably be your weapon. Ahead of the Mother Phoenix will appear, you must dodge on the bugs that are flying; lightning and rocket missiles or you may fire the laser being used by them.
  • After a time, Mother Phoenix will come. While you have to fire a charged shot on her open mouth three times mother Phoenix will open her mouth and will fire rocket missiles towards you. (Click and hold your mouse on until the point lights up a circle green and then fire). You should watch out on your back as she may sneak behind you.
  • When she was already got the better of by you, you will go back to the knight. Cador’ll go in look for the princess together with you. You’ll go back on your boat, click Launching and then press the Teleport Home button.

Fire Planet (coordinates X83, Y-20/upper right)
Other Space Challenge: Black hole

  • When you get outside on this particular planet you will be encompassed on hot lava.
  • You must head to the left by jumping on each moving lava is pushed up by by platforms. Skip down on the following stage when it goes down.
  • On the final platform, you must hold back until it reaches the top of the volcano crater at which you must jump over left.
  • Go down the volcano crater.
  • You should conceal on the volcano’s potholes in order to avoid the yellowish steam that will pass by when you’re inside it. The saying is very true on this particular challenge, “Patience is a Virtue”. You must be patient and cautious should you not wish to start.
  • Keep moving on these curves that are hollow when the yellowish steam disappears.
    The steam will cease but you may strike rolling rocks on your way, when you get on a considerably open place.
  • You must jump over these rocks to enter the red knight, named Sir Pellas.
    He will tell you the princess is now a prisoner of the animal and he is not strong enough to overcome it. Rather he will give you now the Ice arrow to slay the beast yourself.
  • Continue to the left. Jump on the very first metal string you’ll see as you go into the room. Jump off and climb up left until you reach the final chain.
  • Go down and slip behind the fire dragon until you reach the lever on its centre, which you must click to freeze the dragon temporarily.
  • Go to the right promptly and click your ice arrow to fire it on its open mouth.
    The smoke will come out on its nose also it’s going to begin jumping up and down causing the stalactites.
  • Go ahead and repeat the procedure till you get the better of the dragon. You have to have three shots to ruin it.
  • The red knight will be your accompany also for the hunt with all the princess and will come to you personally, when you successfully destroyed the dragon.

Ice Planet (X 73, Y 83/ lower left)
Other Space Enemies: Three Space sharks

  • On your way to Ice planet you’ll encounter three space sharks in here which you must trap about the black hole that is unlike to the very first two planets that you just have to prevent of the space aliens and drive far from the black hole.
  • You have to get the sharks entice them away on the black hole and follow you.
  • Once you have eliminated most of the sharks and were able to land on this particular planet, go outside your rocket ship.
  • You’ll be on a stage over the ice water, that if you touched it, you’ll go back on your own rocket ship.
  • You should jump on the platforms to the left while avoiding the robot fish that comes out of the water. Jumping is difficult in here, because you will slide on the ice platforms. So you must move quickly and better land on the center to avoid that.
  • When you reach the end, head to the best to enter the zone that is next.
  • Scale up on the platforms while averting the giant snowballs. You should get on top of the mountain to meet with the last blue knight, Sir Gawain.
  • Sir Gawain will provide you your conflict and a special force shield with all the tiger-shaped giant chopper will commence.
  • The chopper will drop snowballs but you can employ your force shield hit the chopper and to bounce it back. Ice spikes will also attack you so you better watch outside it and prevent them.
  • Your shield must recharge when it is empty you must be mindful and be certain to dodge all strikes because you may be defenseless in few seconds and must wait for the shield to be completely charged.
  • You must hit on the chopper thrice to ruin it.
  • The blue knight will join your hunt for the princess after the helicopter had crashed.

Crystal Gate (coordinates X-11, Y-82)
Other Space Challenge: Asteroid Belts

  • Now you have the three you can now visit this planet, just be alert in the asteroid belts you’ll encounter on your way.
  • When you arrive, go outside and climb up the crystal mountain where you’ve landed. The three knights were already looking forward to you to pull the sword stuck the crystal rock out wherein it’s going to produce a little whirlpool that may be your entry to Binary Bard’s fortress.
  • Jump down and speak with the princess. The princess’ll get the three mysterious weapons. Once she does, she’ll reveal herself as the Binary Bard in disguise. He’ll disappear after.
  • Then, you must click in the wall which is behind the Binary Bard previously, to begin your puzzle game. You must reveal the entire image of King Mordred. You click on among the square plus it’s going to throw or will show the other images of the nearby squares.
  • This really is catchy but you could solve it in time because you just have to try all of them and make some practice.
  • When you complete the puzzle, it’s going to be your entry for your final conflict.

Final Battle with King Mordred

  • The conflict comes in two parts and you only have one health meter for all these parts.
  • First part: You’ll fly Merlin around; your robot owl must steer clear of the spinning disks and Mordred’s robot arms.
  • He must get two bombs from the black bombs that Mordred dropped. Fly over him and for several seconds to release it around and wait wait till the bombs begin blinking red.
  • The bombs will burst. Mordred will ruin Merlin, if you are successful with the two bombs.
  • You must entice where the princess is trapped Mordred to get close on the stage.
    When he is close enough, jump onto Mordred, then jump on the princess ‘stage.
  • Next jump around the left chandelier and enter the center, Mordred will go underneath to fire his laser to you but he can hit on the chandelier instead making it fall onto him.
  • Repeat the step on the chandelier that is correct until the green energy orb drops from his head.
  • His robot will soon be ruined but he can come again but this time the princess will knock him down.
  • The princess will take the orb to restore its electricity.
  • And then for finishing this assignment, the king will require your existence and certainly will award the island medallion. You can even see Merlin for he was repaired and is alive!