Impasto of a Blonde

Here is a photo painting done by a friend, who in turn painted her friend. It’s done in the style of an impasto painting. This is essentially a painting done with thick, textured paint. Or to quote my friend, “Impasto is a great technique for spending all of your money on paint.”

Here’s another painting, scanned into digital format and presented as a Mac screenshot (shown with Mac Preview).


Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough

Shark Tooth Island is a great and exciting isle in Poptropica that’s an extremely big shark and an extremely large shark issue. You must rescue Professor Hammerhead and a young boy that have become trapped on an isle in Booga Bay, residence of the fantastic Booga shark.

You will arrive by blimp on the isle. When you get the, go entirely to the correct and follow the signal marked for the Historical Ruins. Obviously, if you need to you can stop in the Shark Museum or the Coconut Cafe before you got, but they’re not significant for finishing the experience. Head through the next quick transition area and then keep going to the correct. You’re now in the ancient ruins. Run completely to the correct. Watch out for the large dropping cocoanuts that fall from the tree as you head through the place. When you get to the far right side, you will see the Booga Bay sign.

Keep going through the next quick room and after that you’ll be in Booga Bay. Put it on and then go back left to the ancient ruins. As soon as you get to the ruins, jump over the large rock in the middle and then shove it to the until it’s next to the palm-tree. Now leap up on the best of the block. Bound upwards again to catch the vine.

OK now keep increasing the stages and climbing up the wonderful. You Will arrive at the top standing close to a man in a mask. He’s the neighborhood medicine man. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that deep in the temple you will discover a wall carving that shows you what you require ot deliver to him. When you get all the elements, he’ll create a potion for you that you can use to take care of the large shark.

Now just jump out of the tree and keep heading down until you land securely on the ground. On the left you will see the frightening and dark entrance to the temple. Go down the first established of platforms.

Now you’re on a platform. Do Not worry about any of the platforms here. Simply drop completely to the underside until you land in the green water. Subsequently go left until you get to the ending and then jump up entirely on the various stages. Select the panel.

The proper ones to click are the third, fourth, sixth and seventh from the left. Press the triangle inbetween the eyes and the eyes will light up if you have done it correctly, when you click those four. This will open the door and after that you’ll be able to undergo. Keep going through the next paassageway and then you’ll be in another large chamber. Bound and go entirely to the underside. Bound upward on the statue and look at it, dropping down on the left aspect. Subsequently run completely to the left until you see a load of bones. Run on best of the big white bone to pick it up.

Next you need to return back to the shark statue and climb/leap back in addition to it. When you’re standing on the best of it, leap through to the swinging stage and then keep going left until you get into a pit with spikes in the walls. Wait for the stage to slip next to you and then jump on it. When it reaches one other side, jump off and then head to the left. You’ll subsequently go to still another chamber. You’ll see a large base with a container on top. Inside that container is some green things. Bound up to get it. This is the essential component the medicine man needs for the potoion. From here, leap onto the vine and climb up it to get out of the temple. Keep increasing through the chamber with bunches of stages by bound all the way up to the best.

Now you may appear back where you began next into a hole in the sand that wasn’t there before. You’ll arrive right alongside the man who sells shark fins. Head slightly to the correct and there will be a man in front of a booth close to the Coconut Cafe. Talk to him and he’ll provide you some coconut milk. This really is the last component that you will need for the medicine man.

Walk to the correct and return back to the Historical Ruins. You’ll need to shove the large rock again to get underneath the vine close to the large palm tree. Go completely back up to the tree to return to where the Medicine Man is standing and talk to him. He’ll take all three ingredients from you and make you a special Still potion to give the shark. Now jump down from the tree and check out the correct to Booga Bay.

Wander all the way to the until you see a cannon, once you get to Booga Bay. Select that cannon and a brand new display will appear. Aim the cannon towards the far-side and click to launch the coconut with the particular potion inside into the water. Once it lands, the fantastic shark will appear and eat it. He’ll turn green and fall asleep under the water. Click the back key to return to the main screen.

There Is an old man here standing in front of a hut. It’s Professor Hammerhead and you’ve saved the small boy and him! Talk to the professor. He can thank you and ask you to take him and the boy safely back to the mainland. Go left and they’ll follow you. Return completely to the beach where the crying girl was. When you arrive she’ll thank you for finding her son. The professor provides you with the isle medallion and you are done with Shark Tooth Island!

How To Win Early Poptropica Island

Welcome to Early Poptropica, the first island adventure in the game. The fundamental objective of Early Poptropica is to recoup 3 items that were taken from the island’s original residers. Those items are a pig, a bucket, and a signal flag.

First Stop: Main Street

As soon as you hop down from your blimp, you will be on Main Street. Go inside the Pop Art Museum to see art from famous artists and speak to the artists themselves. Meet other players inside the two multi-player rooms: the Soda Pop Shop and the Arcade.

Ready to start exploring? It’s fun to jump up the side of the water tower in the middle of Main Street. You ‘ll see a flag there, but you won’t be able to reach it. Look down on the street and you ‘ll see a manhole that is open. Before you go down into that dark hole, you’re going to need something to help navigate down there. It’s spooky and dark inside that hole and some light will really help.

Old Poptropica

Go right on Main Street to get to Early Poptropica. Each thing here is a lot older and the citizens of this region look like 8-bit arcade characters. Speak with each of the citizens here and you ‘ll soon learn that three important items have been stolen from them.

Now it’s time to go get the Glow Stick. You can find the Glow Stick up in the top left part of the area, which you can reach by jumping from platform to platform. Walk into the Glow Stick to add it to your items.

Return to the Start

Now that you have the Glow Stick, it’s time to explore that manhole. Go ahead and enter the manhle and then make your way to the very bottom. There are some purple spiders here, but don’t be too worried about them. Even if you fall all the way to the bottom, you ‘ll still land on your feet. Then hop over the green spider and proceed directly to obtain the prized porker. Touch the pig to add it in your inventory. You will be tempted to leave the manhole now, but there’s more to be found down there. Get past the green spider again and enter the tunnel on your left.

Because you have the glow stick, you ‘ll be able to find your way through the dark passages. When you find a rope, climb up. Keep climbing until you locate the Golden Egg. As you go, you ‘ll see a few clues written on the wall to let you know if you’re going the right way. Walk up to the Golden Egg to put it in your backpack.

After you get the Egg, travel upward to find an exit, and you ‘ll find yourself in front of Poptropica Towers.

Taking a Peek at the Towers

So now you have the Pig, but you still need the Bucket and the Flag. Because you’re at Poptropica Towers, you should start exploring the city street lined with tall buildings. Leap over to the ledge of the first building that you come to and head for the roof! Travel from building to building, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. When you reach the blue building, climb to the very top, which looks like a rooftop restaurant. Now climb up the vine.

Beware the Giant

Wow, you’re now very high up in the sky. Go right until you see a huge pair of giant’s feet. Click on the feet to talk to the giant. He will take your Golden Egg as payment to enter his vegetable garden. Look near the vegetables to find the missing water bucket.

Exploring the Clouds

Continue moving right until you find the Aircraft Graveyard. You can not use the aircraft here, but if you search mindfully, you can find a Jet Pack. This is simply what you need to get to high places– like the top of the Water Tower, where the Signal Flag is waiting for you.

Get back to Main Street now. Then equip the Jet Pack to fly to the top of the Water Tower. To fly, move your cursor until you see a green up-arrow. Click and hold to move up. Next move left or right. When you reach the top of the tower, click on the Flag to place it in your backpack.

Return to Early Poptropica

Now you’ve got the Pig, the Bucket, and the Flag. Return to Early Poptropica. (You can fly if you want to, but you will have to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Talk to each of the three pilgrims who were missing items. Once you do, the items shall be taken out of your Inventory and delivered to their former owners. When you finally return the Signal Flag, a boat will reach the dock. Speak with the individual on the vessel, and he will thank you with the Island Medallion. Your quest is now ended.

Dizzywood screen change

Did you notice that the Dizzywood game is now in the middle of your browser instead of being in the top left corner? It’s a very small change but I like it! That’s the only thing I can see that changed. Also today’s dizzy activity is to find four flowers for Sophie. If you find them all you will get a lei headband which is perfect to wear for a luau party at the beach.

Dizzy Screen Center

New Dizzywood Homes are Coming

There is a new type of Dizzywood house available called the Skyland home and it is a giant floating island that looks really fun. It costs 5,000 coins which is a lot. There are also two new homes coming soon: the beach and the wagon.

Dizzywood Homes
Basic Apartment