Dressing Up Some Minecraft Maps

All my little brother does is play Minecraft. I never really got into it, but sometimes I watch him play and I can see why it’s so addicting and fun. Even though the blocky graphics seem more limiting than say, an XBox 360 game, you quickly learn just how creative the game can be.

One thing my little brother is really into lately is collecting and playing through custom Minecraft Maps. These are downloadable maps that other users create. You can load them into your game and play through them. Some are terrible. Some are beautiful.

I started to look through some of the more beautiful ones and thought I’d see if I could make the screenshots even more interesting with some Photoshop filters. Here’s my first pass.


This screenshot is from a Minecraft adventure map called Pandora. It’s loosely based on the world from the movie, The Hunger Games, and features a lot of epic outdoor scenery to explore.

Here is the same map screenshot, but presented in the style of an impasto painting.


And here it is again, this time in the style of a Claude Monet painting. I like to think that if Claude Monet were alive today, he would produce some really amazing Minecraft maps.