Poptropica Steamworks Island Walkthrough

Steamworks Island in Poptropica is a fun steampunk-themed island adventure where everyone seems to have disappeared and you have to figure out what happened! Here is the complete walkthrough with help from PoptropicaSecrets.com.

Main Street

Walk to the Clockwork Cantina and complete the gear puzzle. Put the two brownish gears on the ends and the three blue gears go in the middle. Turn the crank when they are all in place. Now pick up the Multitool that just seemed on the earth.

Now walk to the right and you’ll see a garbage bin. Jump up on it to get the Steam Battery.

Walk to the right again and go inside the Museum. Run to the right and you’ll see a huge machine that is yellow. Click on the blue lever to lift the arm. Then jump on the platforms and make your way to the upper-right corner. Watch out for the darker platforms which fall and will crumble when you step on them. Snatch the beaker that is dirty out of the display case. Then depart the museum.

Return to the Clockwork Cantina. Jump up and snap on the blue lever here. A mechanical ramp will extend. Run it up and leap onto the steam chutes to fly over the tower and up. You should land together with a glass dome. Use your multi tool then go down inside and to open it.

You are now inside the Mayor’s office. Check the note and the painting out on the typewriter, which give you an important number to remember for later: 0516. Leave the office, jump back down to the road and run to enter the zone that is next.

Gear Street

Pass by Sully’s shop and proceed to the blue building in the centre. This really is the living quarters. Jump up the platforms on the left side and after that run past the door. You’ll see a robot crab here. Jump up and land to get him bounce and flip over. When he does, he’ll drop Sully’s key. Pick up the robot crab and the key.

Drop down to the road and visit another building on the left. Jump up onto the steam chute and leap up to the roof. You will find a vintage vine here. Pick it up to place it in your backpack.

Run to the right until you get in front of Sully’s Steam Powered Paraphernalia store. There’s a Steam Terminal here. Use the steam battery in your backpack. You’ll get a puzzle here where you need to regulate the steam pressure in the terminal. The beginning pressure is 10 and the finishing pressure needs to be 5. You should adjust the valves to ensure that the pressure will lose five points as it travels to the ending.

Sully’s Store

You’ll locate a robot in the corner that is right once you get inside Sully’s. It is Sprocket! Ring the bell on the desk next to him to wake him up. Then go pick up the rubber mallet from the junk box.

Leave Sully’s and you will be followed by Sprocket. If you click on him you can ask him some questions. He’s not quite talkative but you’ll hear more from him after.

Head to the privilege to return to Main Street. Run all the way and then move onto the next zone, called the Hub.

The Hub

Run along the ramp until you get to a metal hatch that’s glowing red-hot, when you arrive in the Hub. If you try and snap it, you’ll see it is much too hot to touch. Walk up to it and use the robot crab in your backpack. Sprocket the robot then drop the inferior crab on top of the hatch and will take it. The hatch will be cooled down by the water from the robot so that it is possible to open up it.

Go down the hatch. When you get to the bottom of the ladder, Sprocket will appear pretty scared. Make your way down the conduits until you run into a plant monster living inside them. Use the old vine out of your backpack underneath the sign Caution: Hot Steam. This will spray on steam onto the plant beast and kill it. Go along to the bottom left of the room and you’ll locate the bottom of an elevator. Click on the round hatch above.

Now you will need to solve three amounts of a ball tilt maze game that’s a lot like the classic wooden box Labyrinth game. Spin the wheel either clockwise or counter-clockwise with your cursor to get the ball to the centre. The lift will power up, after you complete all three degrees.

Return back up out of the region to the road. Go a few steps to the right and jump up onto the spring. Next to another blue lever, you should land up after three leaps. Click the giant Hub wheel and the lever will start to go.

Go back down onto the road and run to the left. Jump up and grab the vines and climb up to a platform. Wait for the moving platform on the Hub wheel and leap onto it. Then jump off in the upper right corner (purpose for the yellow pipe). Walk to the right and use the steam valve to jump up and to the left. Continue moving until you get to the lift entry to the Captain’s Cabin. Then go inside.

A Sprocket will be caught by some, soon as you enter plant vines. Go down and click on the metal window shutters to snatch the vines and free him. When you do, he’ll speak to you personally for the first time and say, “Thank you.” Now it is possible to speak to him and ask him questions and hear his narrative.

Run to the right and use the moving platforms to get around the big painting. It is a replica of the painting.

Click on the dial at the bottom of the graphic. This is a combination lock. The blend is the amount from the mayor’s office: 0516. Starting with the innermost ring, click on each triangle to get the wheel. Then click it when it is pointing to the correct amount. The bands get faster so this can be tricky.

A secret door will open, when you get the blend right. Go interior and you’ll take Captain Ziggs’ room. Head to the left and pick up the bridge key (on the floor) and the Weed Whacker (upwards on the wall). Leave the room.

Go down and to the right and jump off the patio to return to the Hub zone. Go right until you get at the end to the Steam Terminal. Use the steam battery then solve the puzzle. It is just like the first one, but you need to correct the pressure from 10 to 16 (6). The bridge will lower and you’ll be able to run across, once you’re successful.

Production Zone

Take several steps to the right and hop on the spring to get to the platform above. There is a control panel here with three reddish levers and a green button. Move all the levers after which press on the green button. The giant wrecking ball will drop and hit the ground, creating a hole.


Jump down and go through the hole. Make the right path down and to the right and you’ll enter a mechanical room. First, press on the three red pressure pads on each side. Then you will need to press on the two remaining pads (the ones) at precisely the same time. Sprocket offer while you get the other to hold down one.

The machine will turn on and the stages that are moving above will begin turning. Use this to get up to the top of the room. There is a lever on the wall that is left. Click it to get another platform to go up and down. Then jump up to the right and use the stages and vines to get to some moving conveyer belt. Here you will need to prevent blobs that drop from a plant monster.

Continue across the vines and soon you’ll locate the Mech Steam Motor, one of two components you’ll need to repair the Mech. Continue on the vines and go to the Greenhouse.


Walk to the left for blending Herbicide and you’ll find an area. Pay attention to the chart on the wall. Use the dirty beaker from your back pack then fill it with three components blue, two parts green and four parts reddish. When you’re done, you will have some Herbicide Mixture.

Proceed to the platform and then up to the right above. Use the herbicide on the plant monster. It is going to shrink and vanish, showing a maintenance cabinet. Go inside.

There is an old custodian robot here. He’s holding onto the Living Quarters Access Key. Take it from him and he’ll get up and the alarm system will go off. You can’t leave the way that you came because the security system has a pressure hose that knocks you back. This is where I got stuck this walkthrough. Particular thanks to DR3 from the PoptropicaSecrets.com community who provided the following measure.

Go back from the care closet after which climb the vines above. Proceed to the left and you’ll see the glass dome has some tiny cracks that are white here. Use the rubber mallet from your back pack to smash a hole in the dome and escape.

Now run all the way back to Equipment Alley, which is on the left of Main Street.

Equipment Street Redux

When you arrive, head to the bottom of the living quarters building (blue) and jump on the lever on the gear’s right platform. This will increase the one.

Take several steps to the left, then jump up the stages to arrive at the doorway. Use your steam battery after which solve the steam valve puzzle. This time, you should correct the steam by -3 to get it from 10 to 7. The door will open. Go inside.

Living Quarters

Go click on the blue lever on the left to make the platform rise. Use it to get up to the next level and continue making your way up. Jump on the blue button on the floor to make the ladder rise. You will want to quickly jump up the ladder because it falls back down another or two later. When you arrive at the top left, there’s another door. Go through it.

Zack’s Room

Go as much as the top left corner and select the wall to solve the following puzzle, which is a timed game where you have to get the steam to go safely from one corner to the other. You must click the squares to reveal pipes underneath and then swap the pipes about to create a clear path. You’ll find three levels to get through.

Go outside and cross over the vine that acts as a tightrope all the way to the left, where you’ll locate the Mech Crank which will be the second piece you are required to repair the Mech in Sully’s Garage.

Jump down to the street below and go to Sully’s Garage.

Sully’s Garage

Use both the Steam Motor and the Mech Crank from your back pack on the Mech. It will likely be fixed and you can now walk around in the Mech. Is this the coolest thing in what or Poptropica? You will also get a teleporter device you can use to instantly travel back to the Mech from everywhere you go on Steamworks.

Walking in around to the left and the Mech, head out from the garage. There is a large doorway covered by vines. Attach from your back pack to the Mech after which use the spacebar to smash all the vines. Go through the doorway when it’s not unclear.

Storage Room

Now you’re inside a storage area. Make your path through, using the space bar to smash plant monsters that assault. At one point, you will need to leave power and your Mech up one of the lifts. Then return in the Mech and ride it up to the following platform.

Continue through this zone, killing plant monsters as you go until you be rid of him and get to the final plant giant in the room. Go to the next zone through the doorway.

Wind Zone

Go down the ramp to the left and you will find a giant windmill. Walk all the way up to the blades and Sprocket offer to help.

Depart the Mech and stand on the blades as they spin to ride nearly to the top. Then jump onto the platform above. Use your multi-tool to stop the blades. The door wills open.

Get back in the Mech and go through the doorway.

Hibernation Center

And we eventually learn the secret of what happened to all the inhabitants of Steamworks Island. First, depart the Mech and visit the machine. Use the multitool on it and the room will light up.

Zack will emerge from concealed hibernation chamber and he and Sprocket will be re-united. Sweet!

The mayor will even appear and tell you the story of what happened. Then you’ll see and hear bulges from below. There is still work to be done.

Jump up to the stages on the right and get the Toxic Blaster. Then get back in your Mech and attach it.

Take the lift down to the next zone.

Tunnel System

Go through the room and shoot down the attacking plants by using the spacebar to fire and aiming with the mouse. Kill all the plants.

You need to wind up on the platform just above the floor. If you miss it, you will need spin screw thing to raise yourself up and to stand on the bolt/ it.

There is a going platform here. Wait for it and then ride it across to the doorway and prepare for the final conflict…

Plant Hive

You’re now in the final boss battle. There are three boss monsters and to make things even more demanding, acid starts to fill the room from below. You must start over and lose, if you touch the acid. You just have a brief time to conquer each boss monster.

The essential technique for all three monsters will be to get up enough so that they try and strike at you with their heads. It is kind of like the Hydra from Mythology Island. You can shoot at them, causing a splat, when they do. Each monster has to be splatted three times and it’ll evaporate and you may proceed.

After you conquer the final plant monster, you’ll re appear next to the mayor, who will present the island medallion to you.

Poptropolis Games

The start to the isle is pretty self-explanatory. After the intro sequence that is cool, simply walk to the right and speak with the guy with the microphone. Follow him to the Colosseum to participate in the games. After the opening ceremony, where the archer starts the torch having a flaming arrow, walk around to him again and speak with him to choose your first event. Recorded below are guides to all of the occasions in Poptropolis Games with secrets and all the cheats you need to win!


The goal will be to get the best score using ten arrows. In theory, the highest possible score is 100, meaning you’d get a bullseye on every shot. This could be very challenging unless Katniss Everdeen you or Robin Hood. But the great news is the fact that Archery is one of the easier occasions in Poptropolis Games. Here’s the best way to play. First, pay really close attention to the wind direction and speed. Line your cursor up to the center of the target and then adjust the position to the left or right on the basis of the wind direction along with the speed. The very best action to take would be to require several practice rounds to get a feel for how much you really have to move on the basis of the wind.


In Diving, you’ll jump from the very top of a waterfall while trying to finish diving routines. Each routine is a number of flips in certain ways. To do the flip, simply hold your mouse cursor to the left or the right as you dive down. When you finish all of the flips, click the mouse to complete the dive right. Should you perform perfect dives, you’ll get 10 points for the very first round, 15 points for the 2nd round, and 20 points for the 3rd round. The highest potential total is 45 points.


Hurdles is a straightforward race in which you must time your jumps over hurdles. In case you jump to soon or too late, you’ll hit on the hurdle and slow down. It may be just a little tricky to get over all of the hurdles. The good thing about this event is the fact that no matter what, you’ll put 1st, 2nd or 3rd complete.


In Javelin, your aim will be to throw the spear as much as possible. There are two controls. The very first is the angle of the shot. Click once to place it. You’re training for the place that is green. The power meter will begin promptly once you do. Click when it’s in the green zone. Click too soon and you’ll have a wimpy throw. Click not too early and you’ll foul out. You get three chances to try and get the maximum distance possible. There are not any real cheats or secrets here: just go for the green! The power meter has the greatest impact on your throw. You will wish time and to try it to reach only in the very end. You have angled the shot okay and in the event you do, you’ll be able to get a fairly long throw. Your longest throw of the three attempts will likely be your ultimate score.

Long Jump

The Long Jump is another distance competition in which you get three attempts. To begin, click and hold the mouse button. Release the button right before you get to the end (don’t wait too long or you’ll fall into the mud and get a nasty). You’ll jump into the air, once you release the button. Click again when you’ve reached the best stage of your jump to “extend” it. Your longest jump of the three is going to be your ultimate score.

Pole Vault

Pole vault is another distance event but in how it starts with a difference. You’ll get a countdown and after that you’ll begin running automatically. Click once just as you step into the Launch area, to plant your post. Click a second time to release the post. You’ll sail within the bar and land with good distance, if you time everything right. As your ultimate score is counted by your longest distance of three attempts. Usually, should you get higher than 40 meters, you’ll win the function.

Power Lifting

Power Lifting is one of the occasions of the longer (and challenging). You’ll begin with 100 kg of weight. You need to click on a moving target that arcs back and forth above you. If you click on it and “hit” it’ll turn green and you’ll lift the weight only a little higher. In the event you miss, or wait a long time to click and click, it’ll turn red and you’ll drop the weight a bit lower. You need to get enough green “hits” to lift the weight entirely and move to the following round.

You are given less time by each following round, the weight doubled, along with a faster target. A good trick will be a little patient since getting tons of misses just makes it more difficult to lift the weight all of the way. Good luck!

Shot Put

Shot Put is another angle/power combo event but with trickier managements. First you set your angle with three clicks. You would like to try and get all three. In case you miss with one of the earlier clicks, you’ll be able to correct with the next one for it. Your final angle of throw will be the dotted line. Next comes the power setting. Your goal here is when all three dials are in the green zone to click. The most easy way would be to watch the outer ring, which is moving the slowest. Every other revolution will create a brief moment when all three are lined up in the green. This really is in the exact instant when the outer ring is in the very top. It happens in a split-second, but click! You’ll get a great throw, if you’ve got a good angle and time the electricity just right. You get your longest distance of the three counts and three attempts as your ultimate score.

Triple Jump

The last event is the triple jump. You want to get the time down, although it’s a lot such as the long jump. Click and hold the mouse button to begin. Release. Then quickly click again each time you land for the following two hops. Your time has to be good or you’ll fall involving the platforms and get a foul. Just as with most of the other occasions, it’s your best score of the three attempts that counts.

Octopus Volleyball

Essentially what you do here is move your Poptropican around with all the mouse and bounce the volleyball on your head (ouch!). To score a point you must bounce the ball over the net and it must hit the ground on the other side. Why is it ? Because a massive orange octopus is playing against you. The octopus also can score points the exact same way you score points. One to 6 points win. Oh yeah, practice is tremendously recommended because that octopus is ON FIRE!

Volcano Race

Additionally called Skiing, you need to ski a slope of molten lava down avoiding obstacles in the way. Attempt to ski involving the torches go up stone jumps to soar over challenges and to boost speed. Get to the finish line in the least time possible to win.

Now,as soon as You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Following every one of the events, the official results will be shown. Remember you don’t have to win every event to get the highest complete total. Very few competitors will win multiple events, so provided that you’ve usually put into the top 3 or so each time, you need to win easily. You get the Isle Medallion, in the event you win! Congrats!